Ensure your workforce is the most competent and well trained when it comes to food safety.

The NEHA food safety training programs have been designed for the range of individuals working in a food facility, whether manufacturing/processing or foodservice operations, to increase awareness of food safety hazards, learn how to control those hazards, preventive controls (SOPs), and understand personal hygiene, handling food safely, the flow of food through a facility, and the basics of pest control. 

Advantages of NEHA’s HACCP Certificate Programs are:
  • Internationally recognized, NEHA is the reputable source of food safety training, certification and credentialing, and certificate programs
  • Certified courses are accredited by International HACCP Alliance (IHA)
  • Training courses meet the most recent FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and  Global Food Safety Initiative Standards (GFSI)
  • Courses follow the principles of both the US FDA Food Code and the international Codex Alimentarius.

Managing food safety risks in a food/feed operations has never been more important.

About NEHA

NEHA currently serves 4,500 members to advance the environmental health and protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all. Professionals who earn a Certified Professional – Food Safety (CP-FS) credential from NEHA are recognized as having achieved an established standard of excellence. These environmental health professionals master a body of knowledge verified by examination and acquire sufficient experience to satisfactorily perform work responsibilities in the environmental health field.

NEHA has nearly 70 years of experience educating inspectors of food establishments; few organizations are better qualified to establish standards for registered food safety trainers or develop effective learning materials.

NEHA is uniquely experienced not only in the subject matter of food safety, but also in refining effective adult learning techniques. The environmental health and food safety regulators recognize NEHA credentials nationwide, and respect the high standards of our food safety training courses.